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Most often, we are asked what are our favorite things to do in Hope Town. The contributors of this Hope Town Guide have lived in Hope Town for 25+ years and have done nearly every activity, dined in every restaurant, visited every attraction, and spent time at every corner of the island.

Here are just a few popular activities that we highly recommend:

Snorkeling – Take an excursion to one of the popular marine parks where you can enjoy a leisurely snorkel around the elkhorn coral and an abundance of sea life. Or you can just snorkel right off the beach in town where the reef is about 20 yards offshore in some spots. No need to bring all of your heavy snorkel gear, it can be rented on the island. 


Sailing Charters – Rent a sailboat and explore the many deserted islands we have nearby. Island hopping to the other settlements are also another way to explore the surrounding area. If you are not experienced with operating a sailboat, there is also the option of a captain for hire. Learn More

Fishing Charters – Abaco is also known for its great game and deep-sea fishing. There are a number of local fishing guides that can accommodate whatever type of fishing you prefer; whether it be bone fishing, reef fishing, or deep sea fishing for tuna, mahi mahi etc. Learn More


Sunbathing / Swimming – on any number of secluded beaches that stretch from one end of the island to the next. 


Surfing – At Garbanzo Break, Town Break, or Hamburger Point located between Hope Town, Abaco Inn, and Sea Spray. Learn More


Island Hopping With your own rental boat or if you don’t feel comfortable navigating the waters, you can hire a captain to go on excursions to some of the surrounding islands. You can also travel on the regularly scheduled ferries between the islands. (Ferry Schedule) Learn More


Boat Rentals Captain your own runabout for beaching on different islands, fishing, or island hopping. Learn More

Exploring the island –


  • By golf cart - Golf carts are the main mode of transportation on Elbow Cay. Golf carts can go practically anywhere but with a few restrictions like through the settlement. With its narrow streets; motorized traffic is only permitted for businesses and special needs guests. Learn More


  • By bicycle - Bicycles are available with some rental homes free of charge but they can also be rented at The Bike Shop in Hope Town. In season they do run out quite often and they don't do reservations. We suggest renting one upon arrival to be safe. Bikes have full access to the island and are a fantastic way to see the sites. Learn More

  • By paddleboard - Paddleboards are another great way to see the island if you have the balance and like a good workout.

  • Explore the history of Elbow Cay Tour the Wyannie Malone Historical Museum to learn more about the island and its colourful past. Learn More


  • Climb to the top of the Hope Town Lighthouse where the panoramic view is breathtaking. The Lighthouse is boat access only, so you will have to take your runabout to the lighthouse dock. You can also hop on one of the scheduled ferries (Ferry Schedule) and ask the captain if it would be possible for him to drop you at the lighthouse (you will have to wait for the next ferry to get a ride back). Hope Town Inn and Marina offer a shuttle to their resort. You can be picked up by them and grab lunch or a drink and take a stroll over to the lighthouse. They will drop you back when you're ready. (be sure to tip your driver)


Shopping – There are a number of shops to choose from on Elbow Cay and Hope Town. Each shop has its own island character and unique selection to choose from. They carry everything from surfboards to ladies' handbags. 

Nightlife – Hope Town is known for its lively nightlife. There is usually music at a different restaurant almost every night…in the season. Live bands, DJs, game nights, Bahamian grill outs, and Karaoke. You can always find a good time. Learn More


Massage, Yoga and Spa Services – Have a relaxing massage, join a yoga class, try block therapy or just spend some time at the Salon.


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